What is History ? (P1)

In this 1st post of Sparkshaüs’ Goggles series I’ll address History, in terms of content.

What is History?

It’s about time past. That’s the answer most people will give you, when asked. No one would be wrong for saying so. No one would either be totally right. They would simply have missed half the “story”, maybe even without knowing there is a second half to start with.

When you go back to its Latin roots, History or historia, actually stands for the narrative of past events, an account, a tale. Events that are related to someone in particular, a group of people, an organization, a place or even a period in time. History, then, isn’t just a list of past events. It’s the narrative or telling of them too. Like a string that makes events into a story, not just entries in a directory or a class test [1].

How come we’re never really told about that other half of History, you might ask? There are many reasons possible. Most of which can be boiled down to a matter of time, information, resources and purpose. It wouldn’t be the first time we’re told or become aware of only parts of a story too. BlogPost 004 - HistoryIs A LittleMoreThanJustTimePastSometimes it’s simply because the unknown parts haven’t been discovered yet. At least, by those who weren’t there when the events occurred, in the first place. The fun part is that it leaves a whole bunch of bits, pieces and even full stories to be discovered and shared with others.

By staying at the surface of things, History only seems to be about time past. By looking beneath the surface, there is more than time to be found. Just think of people, paths and stories. People from different backgrounds, places and times. Paths shaped by hopes, tears and sweats. Stories made of challenges, fails and achievements. Things we naturally tend to seek out in others, as humans, when we need to be inspired or want to inspire others to think possible. So, as an individual, a group, a community, a city or even as an organization, we can overcome the challenge we’re facing and keep on going forward. It’s actually through those inspirations that History shows how great a source of impossibles made possible it is.

Now, what is History about for Sparkshaüs? First, it’s about the telling of events. Then, it’s a great source of stories where the impossible is made possible. So I could say that, through Sparkshaüs’ Goggles, History is a little more than just about time past. Just a little.

What is History about, for you?

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[1] https://sat.collegeboard.org/practice/sat-subject-test-preparation-world-history?pageId=practiceSubjectTestWorldHistory