Moving forward

A few weeks ago, I decided to take a step back to rethink this blog. To rethink, in fact, how I could provide what any rising or experienced Possible Maker* needs when facing adversity: an inspiration to “think possible”.

The pause was beneficial in many ways. One of them was on finding new ways to provide the Makers a better access to the inspirational stories (of overcoming) I can find through digging in History.

So, as off today, and the first Thursday of the months to come, I will publish one story like those I posted so far on this blog. In between, I’ll bring you some complementary contents (in relation to the story) as well, and try to spark some fun discussions and collaborations with you guys. For, in the end, I can help you make new possibles (either in your personal life, at work or even in your community). Because, as I believe and History proves it: no impossible lasts forever when someone’s imagination (or the one of a group) is lit up.

Now, let’s get to this month’s story!

Signature PF

* A Possible Maker is a person, a community or even an organization that in something impossible finds an impulse towards (what’s) possible and act on it.