Fun Fact #5 – Martin Luther King Jr


In January 1956, during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, for which Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) was one of its leaders, the city authorities tried to break the movement with a “get tough” policy. It translated in many arrests (of mostly African Americans) for minor traffic violations. One of them being made on MLK, ‘speeding thirty miles an hour in a twenty five mile zone’, as the policeman then told him. For that, he was sent to the county jail. Once in, all the other men “gathered around to find out why I was in”, as Luther King later wrote. They “showed some surprise that the city had gone so far to arrest me. Soon one man after another began talking to me about his reason for being in jail and asking if I could help him out. I turned to the group and said: ‘Fellows, before I can assist in getting any of you out, I’ve got to get my own self out’. At this they laughed.” [1]

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[1] “King of the World” by David Remnick (Vintage Books, 1998), p 63