Fun Fact #2 – Marvel Comics


Following a public crisis against the use of violence and sex in the books of some of its publishers, the Comics Magazine Association of America created the Comics Code Authority (CCA) committee in 1954. Before being published, every book had to be sent and approved by the CCA committee. Following the “new rules”, Stan Lee, then editor of Marvel Comics, sends to the CCA, the latest pages of the upcoming “Kid Colt, Outlaw” book; a western series Marvel had been publishing for a while. In the book there was “a panel in which the cowboy hero fired a revolver. In the next panel we saw the villain looking surprised because the hero had shot his gun out of his hand.” [1] The CCA refused the panel. The reason? “Too violent. (…) The puff of smoke (coming out of the gun) is too big!” [2] Even though he had to hold on to his laughter, Stan Lee asked his team to redraw the puff a little smaller. The “new” panel was then accepted. Marvel abandoned the CCA in 2001.

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[1, 2] “Excelsior – The Amazing Life of Stan Lee” (Fireside, 2002), p 96