Fun Fact #1 – Steve Wozniak

As a kid, Steve Wozniak loved to build electronic devices and play pranks. While he was in twelve grade, during the sixties, he spent one night in a Juvenile Detention Center (or juvie). The reason? Putting a fake bomb in one of his schoolmates’ locker. The bomb was actually an electronic metronome – a device that goes “tick, tick, tick” and sets the tempo for musicians – taped to a few unlabelled batteries. Even though it had no explosive power at all, Wozniak still had to face an upset school principal and few policemen. If they didn’t laugh when he told them it was meant as a joke, what he did next only shows how a prankster Wozniak was. As that night, in juvie, he showed the other youngsters how to remove the electrical wires from the ceiling fan and let them touch the cell’s bars instead. So “when the jailer comes to open the bars he’ll get shocked”.[1]

* To be noted : Trying to pull such pranks in today’s world might get you in bigger troubles than Wozniak. So, Sparkshaüs’ team discourages anyone to do so. It might also put at risk your chances to have your share of positive impacts on other people lives after. Instead, we encourage you to share with us any fun fact (about a well-known or worth-to-be-known person), with a reference (article, book, etc.).

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[1] “iWoz” by Steve Wozniak with Gina Smith (W.W. Norton & Company, 2006), p 45-47