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In order to make Sparkshaüs’ website more helpful and user friendly, I sometimes need to reorganize its content. It seems that the webpage or blogpost you’re looking for has been moved. Here’s how I can help you find what you’re looking for:

Want a specific blogpost?

  1. In the column, on the right end-side of this Blog page, there’s a Search engine
  2. Type-in what you’re looking for: Martin Luther King, for instance
  3. Press “Enter” or the “Search” button. The website engine will then give you a list of all the posts referring to your search. Since no posts are deleted, the one you’re looking for should be there.

* Tip: Updating your bookmarks with the new blogpost’s link will help you find it faster next time.

Looking for a webpage?

  1. At the moment, all active webpages are listed in the top Menu bar of this website
  2. Sometimes a webpage is removed due to a lack or traffic or simple usefulness
  3. If the webpage you’re looking for doesn’t show in the Menu bar, send me an email (using this contact form: link ). Tell me what information you’re looking for specifically and I’ll answer you in the best possible delays.

Getting better at what I do through Sparkshaüs is a work in progress. The same goes with making this website the more helpful and user friendly as possible. Thanks for understanding that and maybe even wanting to help us helping strivers to keep on thriving.

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